After decades of severe, worsening and unending muscle spasms (through my entire body), I started to see various practitioners for relief. Upon completion of my first visit with Antonia, I already could tell her skill level surpassed those that had worked on me previously, and I noticed immediate improvements in my pain and tension that I’d not had before. Besides the usual aches, pains and stiffness, Antonia has been helping me improve my tinnitus, thoracic outlet syndrome, concussion damage suffered when I was a child, as well as helping me achieve better postural habits.
— Dave F., Business Owner, Acton, Maine
I saw Antonia because I was having pain in my left ankle. I had seen doctors about the same issue and after a few months of using their treatments I saw no positive effects. After one session with Antonia I noticed that the pain decreased substantially. She gave me some simple stretches to do at home and I have not felt the ankle pain since. Antonia is extremely intelligent and friendly and I felt completely comfortable during our session. I would recommend Antonia to anyone that has pain who is looking for more complete and long-lasting effects from their treatments.
— Ashley R., Office Worker, Stoneham, MA
I first started seeing Antonia 9 months ago because I would get reoccurring pain in my knees anytime I ran over a mile. After my first session I was amazed by the results; my knee pain was gone and I was able to run farther and faster than I ever had before. Additionally, Antonia has continuously provided me with self care exercises to help further correct the patterns she identifies. I’m now able to run over 7 miles pain free and my body recovers quicker than ever. I can’t recommend Antonia highly enough.
— Mike B., HVAC Engineer, Trail Runner, Stoneham, MA
I went to the doctor yesterday for back pain and she said it was probably a pinched nerve or bulging disc and prescribed 6-8 weeks of PT, a muscle relaxant and a whole lot of “sucking it up”. She also mentioned that if my pain persisted, she could prescribe a narcotic for it (!)…no discussion of WHY it hurts or what I could do in the meantime, other than suffer. My boyfriend suggested I go see Antonia. Not only did Antonia relieve some of my pain almost immediately using NKT, she also educated me and explained everything she was doing and why it worked. And it really does work! We saw immediate results and I left there feeling not only physically better but also mentally empowered to take control of my pain. Thank you for making me feel better and helping me find ways to heal myself!
— Kate C., Business Owner, Swampscott, MA
I first met Antonia 6 months ago when I was dealing with debilitating and seemingly untreatable chronic pain. I was immediately impressed with Antonia’s ability to pinpoint muscles in dysfunctional relationships using NKT. I can attest that I have seen amazing improvement. Besides the effectiveness of each session, I always leave very happy to have worked with such a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner. If you’re dealing with chronic pain or a body that feels like it has lost its natural functional balance, Antonia can not only help relieve your pain but correct your body so you will not have to worry about the pain again. I cannot recommend Antonia highly enough; she’s the only practitioner I’ll work with.
— Michael C., Clinical Support Specialist, Stoneham, MA
After so many pharma-pain treatments failed to do anything but make me sick, I finally turned to alternate methods. This is where Antonia came in. Antonia is amazingly knowledgeable, consistent, sincere and quite professional. You’ll nbe amazed at how much she knows about NKT! My recovery time following a car accident was much quicker due to her readiness to help and educate me on everything that I needed to know. She gave a breakdown of my problematic areas so I’d know where my weaknesses are and what to avoid. She’s a true gem and you will not be letdown. I highly recommend Antonia to anyone experiencing pain or discomfort!
— Mirza C., Digital Marketing Manager, Boston, MA
I have experienced a HUGE increase in stability as well as an increase in strength, and taken on better form specifically with deadlifts and squats! Before starting with Antonia I experienced lots of hip pain and hip discomfort as well as serious abdominal discomfort all stemming from my abdominal scarring. I have been able to overcome my abdominal discomfort and have not had ANY abdominal spasms since the first session with her. I also am no longer experiencing low back pain and I have taken on more of an upright posture. PLUS I have been able to develop a ‘visible’ six pack for the first time EVER, which is WAY cool. I had previously been unable to do so because my stomach adhesions prevented me from tightening up the abdominal region.
— Leah D., Physical Therapy Assistant, LMT, and Pro Bodybuilder, Boston, MA
I’m a gas company construction worker, a job that entails countless hours of manual labor. All of the daily tasks can take their toll on your body after a while, especially your back. Anybody who runs a jackhammer or other pneumatic tools can attest to the literal numbing nature of operating such tools. My back was exceptionally sore recently. I could barely lift my keys up, let alone a 36″ wrench or sledgehammer. After a session with Antonia, not only is my back free from any and all pain, but my posture is back to perfect as well. She saved me from sleepless nights and workday agony. I cannot recommend her enough. Go see her immediately if your back is screaming at you, especially if you work in the construction trades. You will not be let down one bit.
— Josh D., Construction Owner, Medford, MA
Antonia is a gift from the heavens. Her vast knowledge, innate talents and expert touch make her a very special practitioner. I have never experienced such amazing results from a bodyworker. I have no hesitation in HIGHLY recommending her!
— Dale L., Yoga Instructor, Salem, MA